Friday, 3 March 2017

Think you know apprenticeships?

There are a lot of myths about apprenticeships. Here, we separate fact from fiction.

·      Fiction – Apprenticeships are not for everyone.
·      Fact – No matter your interests or how old you are, you can find an apprenticeship to suit you. There are apprenticeships available at all levels, in a huge range of sectors.

Apprenticeships start at Level 2, so you could study an apprenticeship instead of taking A levels. Equally, if you are already in full-time employment and want to change career, you have the chance to do so with an apprenticeship.

·      Fiction – Apprenticeships are like volunteering.
·      Fact – You get paid on the job, as you learn.

Apprentices are paid the national minimum wage as standard – while this might not sound like a lot, it will go a long way to alleviating money worries.

·      Fiction – Taking an apprenticeship will make me less employable than a university graduate.
·      Fact – Many apprenticeships share content with full undergraduate courses. You can learn the same things you would with a degree, but will pick up valuable experience at the same time.

While some employers favour those with a traditional degree, this is changing. Strong performance on an apprenticeship can make you stand out from the crowd – unlike many graduates, you’ll have direct workplace experience alongside your qualification.

·      Fiction: I will have fees to pay back.
·      Fact: All apprenticeships are paid for by the government and employers, so you’ll graduate debt-free!

From April 2017, apprenticeships will be funded by the apprenticeship levy. If you’re concerned about getting value for money out of your studies, an apprenticeship could be for you – get all the skills and experience you need, without the debt.

There are hundreds of apprenticeships out there – if you are interested in taking one, start looking at your options now!

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