Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BTEC results and what happens with them...

It's that time of year again when results for the different BTEC qualifications start rolling in. There can sometimes be confusion about who handles your results and what happens with them, so this should make things a bit clearer!

Each week we receive a batch of results from the exam board EDEXCEL, right up until September. We match your results to your application and send them to your uni choices. Once they've got them, we'd expect the unis to update your application with their decisions within a few days. Your Track status will change when this has happened – if you're unsure what your status means you can find out on our 'What your results mean' page. 

If you get your results before the university receives them from us, you could get in touch with them to ask if you can pass them on yourself. The uni might ask you to send a copy of your transcript by post or email, or they might say they'll wait until they receive your grades from UCAS before they update your application.

Providing you've got the grades the university set out in the conditions of your offer, you can assume you've got in and your place will be confirmed once they've received your results from us. That said, remember there might be additional requirements you need to complete, such as health checks or sending proof of your past qualifications, so make sure read all the conditions carefully. 

If you know you haven't met the conditions for your firm and insurance choice, but they're waiting for your results to be confirmed or for the results of other qualifications to be published before they make a decision, it's a good idea to be prepared and look in to Clearing

Get advice on the next steps after results.