Thursday, 9 August 2012

Emails we'll send you on A Level results day and beyond!

There's been quite a lot of interest in the fact that this year we'll be emailing students with news on whether or not they've got into their chosen university or college. However, in almost equal measure, there's been confusion as to when we'll send them and who we'll send them to! Hopefully this will clear things up a bit:

When will the email be sent?
Emails were sent out on 7 August for anyone whose university place had been confirmed between 1-7 August. As Scottish exam results were published on 7 August, the emails were mainly sent to Scottish students although some BTEC students also got an email.

No further emails will be sent now until 16 August when A Level results are published. They'll then be sent at regular intervals every day up until 31 August

Who will get sent an email?
You'd be sent an email if:
  • you've been accepted by either your firm or insurance choice university on Track
  • you're eligible for Clearing because you've not been successful in meeting the conditions of your firm and/or insurance choice university

What does it mean if I don't receive an email?
Try not to worry as not everyone is going to be sent one. You won't be sent an email if:
  • Your place was already unconditional
  • Your chosen university hasn't yet made a decision
  • Your chosen university are making you an offer on a different course or different start date
If in doubt about the status of your application, remember you can check Track for the latest updates!


Hannah Wedge said...

I haven't received any of the "Advisory Emails" from UCAS. My email address is correct on Track (I checked it a couple of days ago). I have also checked junk emails and spam filter settings and it's all correct. I noticed this when I hadn't received the "Confirmation and Clearing..." email but my friends had. When I checked the UCAS website, I spotted that I hadn't received any of the previous email communications and I'm worried that I might not receive the email on results day. What can I do to get this sorted out? Help please!

John Madden said...

Hi Hannah! It'd be best to give us a quick call and an adviser can check your email settings.


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