Monday, 20 August 2012

Are you still waiting for Track to update?

While most of you will have heard from your university and college choices by now, there will be some who are still yet to have their place confirmed on Track. There's always a certain degree of confusion as to why this might be and when Track will change. I've put together a few points to help clarify matters if you find yourself in this situation.

Why haven't the university confirmed my place on Track yet?
The reason will normally be one of the following:

  • You didn't meet the conditions but they still want to consider you. If you’ve narrowly missed meeting the conditions of the offer, they may be waiting to see what the general trend is with the rest of their applicants before deciding. If a significant amount didn't meet the conditions they were set they may then offer places to those who were just below getting the required grades
  • The university hasn't got your exam results. You should check the exam results that we handle and pass on to your university choices. If your exam isn't included in the list then you'll need to make sure you pass the results on to your university choices yourself. Remember, that if the conditions of your offer included getting a certain grade at GCSE, the results for GCSEs won't be out until 23 August. You'll need to give your results to your university choices once you have them
  • They've made their decision on Track but it hasn't updated yet. For the majority of universities, if they make a decision on Track it will update instantly. However, if they're using their own internal systems to update Track there can sometimes be a delay of around 24 hours (maximum) before it updates. Usually it will update sooner than that though
  • They're still trying to process your decisions. Very simply it could be the case that they haven't yet managed to process all their decisions and they're working through the backlog
In any of the above cases, if you've got a query about the delay then you'd need to contact the university to ask them for more information on it. 


Jemima Daisy said...

Unfortunately I'm in this situation as I missed my offer by two grades but am still being considered... Is there is a deadline by which the universities have to reply to those of us in limbo by? Thanks :) -Jem

John Madden said...

Hi Jemima! Technically they can make decisions up until 26 September but they won't take anywhere near that long. It'd be best to speak to them to ask when they intend to do it.


Rinalds said...

Since I'm an EU student, I had to take IELTS exam and I haven't got a response from Uni yet, but would this be because of the IELTS? I submitted them 3 weeks ago, but haven't heard anything back from Uni.

John Madden said...

Hi Rinalds!

I think in this situation it would be a good idea for you to contact the university to check the status of your application. They should at least be able to give you an idea of when a decision is likely to be made.


Katriin Bachmann said...
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Tanya said...

Hey there, the level 3 course I have done allowed me to see the results after every assignments, I have handed in. I know full well I've met the conditions. Still awaiting reply of confirmation, it's really a mind boggle due to the fact I don't know yet a date to whenI should be moving into my house.

Tanya said...
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Dr Rehan said...

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An Irish Potato said...

Its the 28th and im still waiting for a reply on my firm choice to which i missed it by a large amount but still no update