Friday, 6 February 2015

Some Extra advice...

You may have heard your teachers or friends talk about something called Extra. This blog post will answer all your questions about what it is, who it’s for and whether it’s the right choice for you!

What is Extra?
Extra begins on 25 February and is an opportunity for you to apply for another course if you’ve used all five choices and don’t hold any offers. You can add one choice at a time, and if you’re unsuccessful or you decline an offer you receive then you can add another choice up until 2 July.

Is Extra for me?
Extra is available to anyone who has used all five choices and not accepted a place – it could be because they were unsuccessful with all five or they received offers but had a change of heart and decided the courses weren’t right for them. Either way, Extra is another opportunity to find a place on a course.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you can’t change your personal statement or reference on your UCAS application, so if you decide to apply for a completely different course, speak to the uni first to check if they’d like a different personal statement from you. If that’s the case, they’ll ask you to send it straight to them.

Where can I apply?
Not all universities will have places in Extra, so you need to do some research into what’s available in our search tool. If you select the option ‘Show courses in Extra’ from the filter, your search results will show only courses with vacancies.

Once you’ve found a course you like, add it in Track by clicking on the ‘Add an Extra choice’ option on the ‘Your choices’ page.

When will I hear back from the universities?
If you’ve not heard back from the university after 21 days of adding your choice, you can add another one in its place up until 2 July. By doing this however, you’ll cancel the one you originally applied for, so make sure it’s definitely what you want to do! If you want to wait to see if the uni will offer you a place (they have until midnight on 16 July to make a decision) you can do this – it never hurts to ring the uni if you want to check how long you’re likely to wait for their decision!

If you get an offer from the uni, you’ll need to reply by the date shown in Track. If you don’t then your place will be declined automatically – so pay close attention!

Have any further questions about Extra? Have a look at our website or get in touch with our advisers on Facebook or Twitter.


shikha sharma said...

dear sir ,my daughter has applied via UCAS to 5 universities and has received offers from 4. She applied in the month of September and has still not received a decision from the fifth university.Is it possible for her to decline the option of the fifth university and apply for another university via UCAS Extra after 25th Feb.

UCAS said...

Hi Shikha. The universities have until the 7th May to make their decisions, if your daughter would rather use extra to apply elsewhere she can withdraw this choice on track in the 'my choices' section. Applicants can only use extra if all offers are declined so make sure the university has a vacancy in extra before declining any offers. More information on Extra can be found here:

Claudia said...

Hi there, I am an international independent student who is considering applying through UCAS. However, I did miss the January deadline. If I were to apply now, would it be considered an extra application or clearance? Thank you.

UCAS said...

Hi Claudia. You can still apply as a late applicant for up to 5 choices until the 30th June, just make sure the university will consider your application before you send it to us.

Evi Evi said...

Hi UCAS, I am an international student and have applied to 5 universities before the January deadline. I have already received 1 offer. I thought about applying to other universities, but also still keeping the one offer i have got. I am aware that UCAS Extra can only be used if I withdraw my choices or i haven't got any replies, therefore I also know that I can't use Exrtra. Is there any solution about this, or can I make another new account to make the application? Thank you.