Friday, 2 November 2012

Making changes to your application...

You've spent what seems like a lifetime working on your UCAS application. You've checked it all over, your parents and friends have checked it over, your tutors have checked it over then you've checked it once more to be sure. Finally, your application gets sent and THEN you notice a mistake. Depending on the mistake, you'll either look at it as a mild inconvenience or you'll be wishing the ground would swallow you up!

In reality, most mistakes would fall into the 'mild inconvenience' category and can be quickly remedied. Others may require a bit more work and an understanding university admissions tutor. Either way, I've laid out some of the common requests we've been seeing recently and given a bit of advice on what you can do.

Are you applying through a school/college/centre?
If so, don't forget that when you hit 'pay/send' on your application, it'll be sent to them first. They need to add your reference, check your application and send it on to UCAS. As long as they haven't sent it to UCAS, you can ask them to send it back to you. You'd then be able to correct any mistakes and send it back to them. Simple! If they've already sent it to UCAS or you've sent it and you're applying independently then read on...

Changing qualifications in the Education section
If you've missed some qualifications off your form or need to amend existing details then you should email with the details of what needs to be changed. You should also include your name and personal ID number so your records can be located. As well as letting us know, you'll also need to contact your university and college choices so they know too. Contact details for the universities can be found here.

NB If you've stated pending qualifications on your application, we can't update it to show your results. We receive exam results for some qualifications which we send on to your university choices. Information on the exam results we handle can be found here

Changing name or date of birth
If you want to change your name or date of birth, you need to email with the information plus scanned proof of your name or date of birth (e.g. birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate etc). You also need to state your name as it currently appears on the application and your personal ID number. As before, you should get in touch with your university choices to let them know.

Changing your choices

i) Changing university
You have 7 days from the date of your Welcome letter in which you can substitute a university choice for another one. You can find the option to substitute a choice in the Choices section of Track. If you're outside the 7 days then you won't be able to substitute.

If your course has been discontinued, you'll be able to substitute the choice outside of the 7 days. The university who discontinued the course should provide guidance on how to change this to either another course with them or a different university altogether.

ii) Changing course, campus code, start date or point of entry
If you want to change any of these but want to remain with the same university, you'd speak to them directly about changing this for you.

Changing postal or email address
You can change these in the Personal Details section of Track.

Changing the personal statement
This can't be amended once your application has been sent. If there any changes you want to make, you need to get in touch with your university choices to ask if they'd be willing to accept a new draft sent to them directly. 


Marta Muñoz said...

i had a mistake with my visa details. I wrote I am from Spain but I chose the option of non-valid uk passport. How can I change this and send my passport or ID number?

EFECON said...

hi! if i have completed my reference section and my teacher has sent to you the reference can i change my education qualifications?

Unknown said...

I sent off my application and I forgot to add 2 of my qualifications. I don't think I can get into uni if the application remains the same. Can ucas change this?

Unknown said...

I sent off my application and I forgot to add 2 of my qualifications. I don't think I can get into uni if the application remains the same. Can ucas change this?

Elouan said...


I made a big mistake.
I said yes to "criminal convictions"
How can i change it ?

UCAS said...

Hi Unknown. You just need to email with your personal identification number and details of the qualifications you wish to add. It is also advisable to let your university choices know you have missed qualifications that will be added to your application.

UCAS said...

Hi Elouan. You should call us directly so we can change your criminal convictions section to undeclared. You also need to inform your university choices of the error. Contact details for UCAS:

lynn newcomb said...

Hi there
My daughter has been turned down for uni and the reason given was she didn't have a distinction profile, but she got distinction stars.
So looking over her application she realised she only clicked the pass button!! Is there anything we can do??
Yours in hopeful anticipation

UCAS said...

Hi Lynn Newcomb. She needs to email with her personal ID and details of the changes she needs to make to the qualifications section. She also needs to contact the university directly to advise them of this error and see if they can re consider her application.

david clark said...

hi I did a typo when inputting date of birth I'm born on the 16th of September not 15th ive only just realised what do I do

UCAS said...

Hi David Clark. You just need to email with your personal identification number and a copy of an official document such as your passport/birth certificate so we can change your date of birth for you.

Joe Warwick said...

should it say "Criminal convictions declaration-
Undeclared" if I have no criminal record? I feel this is worded badly and causing confusing.

UCAS said...

Hi Joe Warwick. If you do not have any convictions to declare then this will show as undeclared on your application - the wording and terminology is in line with the criminal declaration act.

Michael P said...


I made a mistake when applying in "Student finance". I said "YES" to "I want to share my details with the Student Awards Agency for Scotland" but I don't really. How could I change it for "NO"
Thank you

UCAS said...

Hi Michael. This will not be a problem, you apply to SAAS separately to your UCAS application, if you would like us to check the funding option selected please email with your personal ID number.

Khalidha Begum said...


I just realised I have put the wrong date of birth, I can not access personal details, as I am still waiting for my references. Will I be able to change my date of birth to the 17th March and not the 16th?

UCAS said...

Hi Khalidha Begum. You just need to email with your personal ID number and a scanned copy of an official document for example your passport confirming the correct date of birth, we will then amend this for you.

Khalidha Begum said...

What about amending work experience dates?

UCAS said...

Hi Khalidha Begum. If you wish to amend your work experience dates then you need to contact your institutions directly to advise of this change. Contact details for the universities and colleges can be found here:

Dan Brennan said...


I just realised that I have incorrectly spelt my referee's email address and cannot ammend it due to the webside not allowing me to re-edit my information. How would I go about fixing this issue?

UCAS said...

Hi Dan Brennan. You should call us directly or email so we can take a closer look at this for you. Please include your personal Identification number on all correspondence. Contact details for UCAS:

Glory said...

Hi I got a declined mail from Ucas saying I was not being considered for a pre registration nursing course on the 4 of May 2016. I called the Uni to find out the reason and they said they will send me a mail but did not comfirm the declined. Is it possible Ucas sent the mail automatically? Because yesterday was the dateline for offers. However, another of my friend got a place but she was contacted through email for the decision. Also I initially applied for MSc in Nursing which was changed to a pre registration nursing some time in February. My 2 of my original certificates are still with the Uni as I speak and I have not received the mail from them yet. Will appreciate any help

SieMin said...

Hi I just renewed my passport. Is there any way I can update my UCAS form with my new passport number?

jia huisheng said...

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