Thursday, 4 January 2018

How to finish your UCAS Application

Starting your UCAS application is easy part but finishing it is 64,972 times more difficult so I’m here to provide you with some helpful advice on how to nail that application before the deadline dates.

Sit down and get to it

It sounds stupid but just setting time aside, sitting down and cracking on with your application if probably the best way to get it finished. Once you start you’ll realise there isn’t nearly as much to do as you may think in fact, the hardest part is completing your personal statement and once that bit is done everything else seems to come so much easier. My top tip would be fill out all the sections before the personal statement section in one or two sittings, then it’ll all be done apart from that bit section.

Depart from the procrastination station

Procrastination. Possibly the single most used word to describe filling out your UCAS application and probably a word you’re tired of hearing. “Stop procrastinating” or “procrastinating won’t get you anywhere” is what you’ll have heard a million times already but it’s pretty true. Once you knuckle down and start writing you’ll realise you could’ve done this a long, long time ago. 

Know what you’re filling in

Okay so a slightly odd one here but please know what you’re applying for. Once you have your choices picked and know exactly what course you’ll be applying for, you’ll find that the application process becomes so much easier. You’ll be flying in no time.

Well there’s my advice! I wish everyone all the success in the world in filling out their applications. You got this, good luck!


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