Monday, 14 August 2017

Exam Results Helpline prepares for thousands of calls on A Levels results day

Advisors at the Exam Results Helpline are preparing for the busiest day of the exam results season on Thursday (Aug 17, 2017) as students across England, Wales and Northern Ireland receive their A Level results.

More than 40 advisors will be on hand for the expected influx of thousands of learners who receive unexpected results and need support and guidance on what to do next.

The Exam Results Helpline, which is funded by the Department for Education and run through UCAS, has been helping students for more than a quarter of a century. Last year, advisors answered more than 7,500 calls over the two weeks it was open for A Levels and GCSE students.

Universities Minister Jo Johnson said: “The Exam Results Helpline provides a vital service for all students, no matter the outcome on results day.

“Whether you have received an unexpected result or want to make sure you’ve considered all the options, there will be an expert available to offer support and guidance on your next step. 

“That could be university, a foundation degree, a high-quality apprenticeship, a gap year or something entirely different. So, if you have any questions please do give them a call.”

One of the callers from 2016 was Kevin Bediouhoune, now aged 19, who had not done as well as he hoped in his A Levels.

Kevin got an ‘E’ in A Level Biology, a ‘D’ in A Level English Literature, a ‘C’ in AS Level Chemistry and a ‘C’ in AS Level English Language.

His grades meant Kevin, who was born in Cameroon but lived in Leeds from the age of five, missed his first choice of the Liverpool John Moores University. His second choice, the University of Central Lancaster, no longer appealed to him.

Kevin,19, called the Exam Results Helpline because he wanted to know if turning down the offer from Central Lancaster would have any consequences for him, because he still wanted to attend university.

He said: “When I got my results I knew myself I could have done better. Sadly, my grandma had died during my study period and it had affected my whole process.

“I was gutted, because when you do sciences at A Level they’re the hardest ones you can do. There were so many exams and so much hard work.

“The Exam Results Helpline told me I just needed to call Lancaster to let them know. After that they said there were still lots of universities still looking for students to fill spaces and there was still a lot I could do.”

After ringing a number of universities Kevin was invited in to see the University of Hull, where he is now studying Biomedical Science.

Kevin added: “You can’t let it get you down. At the end of the day you can still go to university.

“You may think everything is shut - but there’s always another door open to you.”

Students can call the helpline number on 0808 100 8000 and also get help through the Exam Results Helpline’s dedicated Twitter and Facebook accounts.

A full timetable of opening hours for the helpline can be found here

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