Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Exam Results Helpline case study: Molly Claridge

Name: Molly Claridge
Age: 19
From: Colchester in Essex

A Level results day last year
Molly found herself confused when she received her results and realised she had not done as well as she thought – but according to the online report was still accepted into her first choice of Bath Spa University to study Media and Communications.

Molly, who is now 19, had been worried after she received a C in English Language, a D is Sociology and an E in Psychology and said she felt ‘stressed and confused’ about what she would do next.

With results that were lower than she expected, she felt unsure about the fact she would still be accepted onto her course.

 “I was really nervous. You wake up and realise that ‘today is the day’ and so there’s quite a lot of pressure on you.

“When I looked online and saw my grades I really freaked out as I got lower than I thought. It was so nerve wracking anyway with all the build up to it and so the day itself was pretty traumatic.

“The thing that was confusing was that it said I was still going to get into Bath but I couldn’t really believe that without checking it out properly.”

How the Exam Results Helpline supported Stefanie
“I called the helpline number and spoke to someone who was so helpful and told me what to do. Their advice is common sense, things like calling the university itself, speaking with tutors, looking at all the other options available – things you really need to hear if you’re worried and don’t know what to do.”

Molly has now completed her first year at Bath Spa and is loving the course but said that people should always look at other options too: “I’m really glad I got into the course but university isn’t for everyone and so people should explore other options.

Stefanie’s advice to this year’s students:

“The Exam Results Helpline is the perfect resource to go through the choices in detail with someone who really knows their stuff and can help you not just think about education but about the job you want at the end of it too.”

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